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01. INKARAMI Reaction

TOKIO INKARAMI is the hair reparation treatment that uses specialized keratin, very first chemical reaction of the patented technology, INKARAMI reaction.

In not needing to rely on the oil, the patented technology, INKARAMI, will make up for the 80% of the keratin protein inside the hair.   


Damage of Hair

The state of hair damage of keratin proteins due to aging, UV rays, ironing, color or perm.


Patented Technology INKARAMI

In making up for the keratin protein that is damaged, it will provide with great care/reparation effect on hair.


Repairing Hair Strengths to 140%

Heavily damaged hair can be “torn off when pulled”, and “elongate when wet”.

By applying TOKIO, the hair strengths will repair up to 140% and even if pulled it won’t be pulled off, and keep it to the same length even when wet.  


02. Double INKARAMI

You will be able to experience the result of TOKIO INKARAMI at home, with shampoo and treatment.

The hair care ingredients of the 4-step treatment of TOKIO INKARAMI salon system is included within.