* Also certified as KAMI CHARISMA stylists

  • Mitsuteru Asahi


     Mitsuteru Asahi

    I’ve always thought that treatments were usually moist and heavy, but TOKIO Treatment is different.  It is soft and smooth to the touch.  At my store, SUN VALLEY, to get the best out of the TOKIO treatment, we emphasize a lot on the staff’s techniques.

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    GARTE / TOKYO Omotesando

  • Kazuhiro Amino

    apish / TOKYO AOYAMA

     Kazuhiro Amino

    Since using TOKIO products, I’ve been able to make perm and color come alive, regardless of the hair styles of the customers.

    It allows to cut, add perm, and curl to a straightened hair.  The customers are satisfied every time!

  • Yumi Anzai


  • Yuji Ikedo

    MINX harajuku / TOKYO GINZA

     Yuji Ikedo

    I really love the long lasting care and repair of the damage that this product is able to accomplish.

    Protein is the main ingredient of this treatment, but it is the treatment that I want to keep using over and over again to get a light, smooth, and silky result.

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  • Hidenori Ishikawa

    suburbia / TOKYO Gaien-Mae

     Hidenori Ishikawa

    I love the products’ ability to repair the damage and ability to keep the hair styles long.

    The treatment is rich in proteins, but I would want to use this treatment to keep the hair light and smooth, and give some luster.  It is the one that I’d want to use over and over again.

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  • Mitsuru Itakura

    Luxe / Tokyo Aoyama

     Mitsuru Itakura

    Compared to the previous products that we were using at my salon, the treatment’s ability repair the hair is the biggest difference.  Because it is keratin protein based, it gives bounciness to the hair and flexible touch.  It is completely different from other brands, as they give most feel due to the oil-based composition.

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  • Yoshitaka Ezaki

    grico / TOKYO Harajuku

     Yoshitaka Ezaki

    I think ability to repair is what I think is the strengths of this product.  For example whenever I make a perm, when I start using TOKIO INKARAMI’s #1 and #2 agents to the people with damaged hair, you get a different result.   It won’t bother with the style, or even get the perm that you wouldn’t expect.  I love the fact that it makes the hair quality even better and create better designs.

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  • Takahisa Okamura


     Takahisa Okamura

    When ever you apply TOKIO, the hair quality improves.

    I love that even after you cut the hair, the hair quality is beautifully applied.  The hair is bound well, and I can handle it easier, and the customers always tell me that the luster is different as usual.  The feel and the luster makes the person look even more beautiful with TOKIO brands.

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  • Nobuto Odashima

    ABBEY / TOKYO Aoyama

     Nobuto Odashima

    By using TOKIO INKARAMI, I think smiles and contentedness of the customers increased.

    Variety of styles have increased, easy recommendation on the next visit, and more adult the customers become, the healthy hair quality, luster, and bounciness are the orders that the customers start having.  It is the treatment that customers and hair designers could enjoy in common.

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  • Ryohei Katayama

    LONESS omotesando / TOKYO Omotesando

  • Takeru Kawabata

    BEAUTRIUM Shichirigahama / KANAGAWA Kamakura

     Takeru Kawabata

    I’ve been a stylist for number of years, but this is the product that left customers with many positive reviews.  Even the people who have concerns with their hair that’s weak could grow their hair long beautifully.  It saddens me when chic and elegant customers that loses the volume of hair as they age, but this product is the answer to their problems.

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  • Shin Kumagai

    Salon / TOKYO Ginza

     Shin Kumagai

    I have customers that want the high quality, so they expect the high quality with high reparation of their hair.  Not only the damage caused by chemicals, but from weakness of the hair from growing old, it is a perfect match.  By repeating, they tell me that their hair strengths is comes back.  Also, the balance of moisture and lightness is perfect, and I could use the product for any type of hair quality.


    AFLOAT / TOKYO Aoyama


    The hair quality becomes softer and the touch becomes perfect.  It is better than applying moisture or heat.  It is perfect when using for digital perm and straight perm.  It makes the hair even better.  Salon models and the customers know TOKIO INKARAMI, so it is great to have the product in the store.

  • Hidechika Kotani

    salon dakota / TOKYO Shibuya

     Hidechika Kotani

    In my 20 years as a stylist, this is the first time I felt amazed by the system treatment.   My initial image of treatment has been the ones from my past experiences, but TOKIO INKARAMI exceeds all the expectations.   Everyone that experienced this all have same positive reviews.  The number one thing about this product is definitely the feel, and the hair quality returns to normalcy, and ability to revert to the original beauty and make the hair quality last long.  This is the must get.

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  • Tomotaka Sakagari

    SHEA / TOKYO Omotesando

  • Tetsuya Sakamaki

    apish ginZa / TOKYO Ginza

     Tetsuya Sakamaki

    It can repair any type of damaged hair, and give a luster and bounciness to the the hair, and able to keep the result longer.  It makes hair styles that were previously unable to accomplish, so the product’s ability to do so is also the charm.

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  • Mari Sato

    siika NIKAI / TOKYO Meguro

     Mari Sato

    Unable to find the uniqueness in the previous treatment brands, with TOKIO brands, I was amazed with what this product can do.  The most appeal of this product is that it can make the style come together without getting heavy, and make it smooth and soft result.  When there are so many brands to choose from these days, this is the one that I can recommend.

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  • Masanori Sawaki

    LOAVE AOYAMA / TOKYO Omotesando

  • Masaki Shiozaki

    natura / TOKYO Aoyama

     Masaki Shiozaki

    Unlike any other treatment, TOKIO INKARAMI give a lighter result.  Because it doesn’t give a heavy result, it is easier to use ,which probably is the reason why many customers want to repeat it.  Whenever I use this brand, I recommend a movable style or lighter style.

  • Kentaro Shibuya


     Kentaro Shibuya

    At SUN VALLEY, we have customers that wants a high quality result, so we provide with serious product and techniques. TOKIO Treatment lets us create the styles that we are imagining, and it is the best product to use when wanting a soft quality result.

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  • Takuya Takagi

    OCEAN TOKYO / Harajuku

     Takuya Takagi

    First, I think this is a great product.  Most of my customers are those who have bleached hair, but usually, it is hard to create a perm for them.   But TOKIO INKARAMI is the product that is able to accomplish it!  “I didn’t know that there was this kind of breakthrough product” is what most of them tell me.  It is uncommon to know that there are customers that know the brand.

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  • Yusuke Takagi

    U-REALM omotesando / TOKYO Omotesando

  • Mamoru Tanaka

    NORA Journey / TOKYO Aoyama

     Mamoru Tanaka

    I’ve encountered so many types of treatment, but found the one in this keratin type treatment in TOKIO INKARAMI.   This is the treatment that have raved so many positive reviews.

    This brand makes the ultimate natural design.  The reparation effect, and ability to prevent damaged hair is top notch, and it makes it easier to provide to the customers.

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  • Nozomi Tsuji

    MANHOOD / TOKYO Aoyama

     Nozomi Tsuji

    The product is good for maintenance, but to those who have damaged hair due to bleach and such, I get responses like “I never felt this kind of texture before”, or “it’s like as if the treatment went through the core of my hair”, and come to use it over and over again.  At MANHOOD, we use many treatments and use accordingly to customer’s needs, however, often use TOKIO INKARAMI as the hair treatment.

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  • Tatekuni Toshijima

    MINX / TOKYO Aoyama

     Tatekuni Toshijima

    The catch of this product is what many females are expecting to get with natural beauty.

    In raising the design level, this treatment can create smooth touch, wavy hair and give luster, apart from the many hair treatment products. TOKIO INKARAMI is actually good with getting rid of heat, and it is ‘super-keratin’ that can take care of aging hair.

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  • Akihiro Nakamura

    ABBEY2 / TOKYO Aoyama

     Akihiro Nakamura

    I can boldly say that I am content from touching the hair after everything is done.  If I can’t get satisfied, I can’t recommend or use it for the customers.

    With cut and color, you can notice that the appearance has changed, but with treatment, you can’t really see the result.  With TOKIO INKARAMI, you can get the result of the feel, and you can also feel the “wind” coming through the drier – it is a treatment that can accomplish it.

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    ALBUM Shibuya / TOKYO Shibuya

  • Yuko Nonoguchi

    SYAN / TOKYO Omotesando

  • NOBU

    NNN / TOKYO Shinjuku


    This product gives much result to the bleached hair, and it lessens the damaged hair and makes it easy to touch.  It also gives moist and because it doesn’t have an odor of chemicals of a treatment, there isn’t anything to worry about.

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  • Kazuya Hiroe

    NORA / Tokyo Aoyama

     Kazuya Hiroe

    TOKIO products are great for those with split ends, so I recommend this product to females.  It is the treatment that would overturn the male stylists opinions, which is to “cut to make it longer”.  I always tell my customers to cut once in every two visits, and use treatment every time to make the tip of the hair much stronger.  There is no heaviness that comes with using treatment, so I think this is the treatment that can be used for people with fine hair.  Once they try it, they will be able to experience the great result, so it is a treatment that is easy to repeat.

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  • Hideki Matsunaga

    ABBEY / TOKYO Aoyama

     Hideki Matsunaga

    It gives a natural bounciness and luster, and keeps it for a long time.  It also gives elasticity, so in the eyes of a stylists, it makes it easier to cut and makes the styling easier as well.  The customers also say that they are “able to style easier, and lasts long!”, and it is our salon’s popular menu.  LOVE TOKIO!

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  • MIKA

    AMATA / TOKYO Aoyama


    In my store, TOKIO INKARAMI’s menu is called “Brilliant”.

    We made the name to be like luscious like the glitter of the diamond.  The lightness of the hair and elastic hair are the effects of the feather keratin.   The level of persistence is off the charts.  The combination of fullerene makes aging care possible, making it a number one menu at our store.

  • Kohei Mishina

    OCEAN TOKYO / TOKYO Harajuku

     Mishina Kohei

    TOKIO has positive reviews for those who want to set their hair.  With light result with luster and great feel, either volume up or down, and makes the curl easier to make with the iron, it is the product that makes hair set quality even better.  When there are many orders in a month, this is the treatment that is used 80% of the time.

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  • Noriyoshi Miyachi

    SHACHU / TOKYO Shibuya

     Noriyoshi Miyachi

    I have customers who have bleached hair or curled with the iron, and their hairs are likely damaged.  Of all the treatment that I have used, TOKIO INKARAMI is the best to repair those damages.  It fixes within like treating a broken bone, TOKIO is the brand that is able to repair any sort of damaged hair.  Even the customers tell me to use this treatment only.

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  • Hiroki Miyamura

    AFLOAT / TOKYO Aoyama

     Hiroki Miyamura

    Frankly, the customers get excited.  I tell “It’s different than as usual” who have experienced TOKIO INKARAMI, and they feel it.  By doing that, I can feel that I used a great product.  Luster, and ability to comb the hair with finger is smooth are the characteristics of the product.   And it matches to people with all sorts of hair.

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    Beleza Shibuya / TOKYO Shibuya